Rates for 2016 & 2017

All rentals are for the full day, 10 hours and you will have access to all rooms listed below: 

  • Ballroom
  • Foyer
  • Mezzanine
  • Executive Lounge
  • Bride’s Room
  • Groom’s Room
  • Bridesmaid’s/VIP Lounge


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Ballroom– Our elegant ballroom has a vintage charm. You can get married in the ballroom, dance, or have dinner in the ballroom.
Foyer/Lobby– This room can accommodate an elegant dinner reception. With three grand chandeliers, this makes a beautiful space for not only your ceremony, but a wonderful dance floor.
Mezzanine/balcony– If you’ve seen our pictures, you know this is a great place for photos. It’s a unique way to show off the elegance of your wedding. Very few venues have an area like ours.
Executive lounge – Our Lounge has an entirely different feel. It has a trendy vibe with cocktail tables, leather furniture, and suave decorations. It’s a great place for guests to go during cocktail hour.
Bridesmaids/VIP lounge –We’re happy to announce that we are the only venue in the Puget sound area that has a private room for the bride’s family and bride’s wedding party.
Bridesmaids room– This room is separate from the lounge and is where the bride will be able to get dressed, take pictures. This room includes a beautiful bridal station and 3 makeup stations.
Grooms room– This is a place for groom and groomsmen to relax, enjoy, and get ready.
Fireplace-Our beautiful historic fireplace will be on and crackling. This delightful showpiece will even further enhance the historic ambiance of the building.